Pinter-fail: The Rainbow Cake

My intentions were good

My planning sound

Its in the execution that I failed....horribly.

I have seen the "rainbow cake" floating around for a few years now, and after finding several tutorials on Pinterest, I decided, how hard can it really be.

I guess I really don't need to explain too much - this was the ultimate in Pinter-fail.
I'm planning to try again...and hoping next time for more success (although I am aware success will equal much less hilarity in the wee hours as the cake tumbles to the floor).


  1. I still can't get over that cake! LOL Do you think the layers were too thick? I want to try that cake too, but am afraid it will be a mess!

  2. That's too funny! Did it at least taste good???

  3. It still looks like it would taste good! Lol. I am a horrible baker, despite my best intentions. I wouldn't even feel able to attempt something like that, so I give you credit just for trying :)

  4. I love this! Because (bless your heart), that is the EXACT reason those beautiful tutorials terrify me... because mine would be a mess of smooshed color that was sliding to the floor.

    I bet everyone still thought it was DELICIOUS! :)

  5. LOL. Well the photo of the half of a cake looks good. :)


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