Please Remind Me

As the days are long
As my hubby attends night school
As the chaos settles in
Some one please
Remind me
This childhood is fleeting
My babies will soon not be babies anymore.
The stained clothes will soon be outgrown
And the stains won't matter anymore.
Little toes will soon reach further than little shoes
And little hands will reach for mine less and less.

Remind me that my job is not just to keep them clean and quiet
but to help them grow
to nurture young hearts and spirits,
to love, encourage, and, when needed, discipline
these amazing little creatures
that bless my life.

Help me to remember
that someday they will not be in my home
that my voice will be far away from them
but that the lessons I teach them
will let them carry my words always.

Please, when you see me struggle
sad, angry, frustrated,
fighting bills, bedtimes,
Remind me
I will not get these moments back
There is no redo
no rewind.

Now is the time to step up
drop the guilt of a chicken nugget dinner
and embrace the special moments of laughter
as they run in my shoes
and scratch the wood floors,
as they track in the mud
to show my their new pet bug.

Please remind me
to love, enjoy, cherish
because it will all be gone
far too soon.


  1. Thanks for reminding us. I try to tell myself something similar every morning.

  2. 100% perfectly said. I'm sharing this everywhere, because I could have written it too. I need to be reminded, often!! xo

  3. This is such a nice reminder. Last night, as I was laying in bed, I said a little prayer for patience because, like you said, the hustle and bustle of trying to keep life clean, neat, organized, on track and everything else can sometimes get in the way of the kids. And we get overwhelmed and frustrated and at that point, we need to take a step back and re-evaluate. This post came at the perfect time for me!

  4. I loved this. Oh so true! I always try to keep that in mind!

  5. So very true! My baby turned 3 in October and my oldest turns 9 this month. It's going by way too fast!!

  6. Love this so much! Beautiful and so very true.

  7. So very true! Wonderful perspective.

  8. We all need to be reminded since life gets so busy sometimes. It sounds like you reminded yourself, and very well I might add. Lovely words, Liz!

    thanks for linking up today too... :)


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