WW: Photo Dump

I suck - you would think on my blog - you know the place I post about my family and I - that my Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post the week after Mother's Day would have pictures from Mother's Day....but nope....I did not take a single picture that day - instead I slept (till 9:30 - woo hoo!!) and gardened until my blisters had blisters.

So instead, here I sit, late Tuesday night, weeding through my phone pics, recording the fact that I don't have time to unzip my camera bag on the weekend and that, thankfully, my phone takes decent pictures!!

 Tommy doing his "brain work" 
I love that he loves to learn so much that he assigns himself this homework

 oh sweet pinter-fail
aka: rainbow cake-tastrophe

 No one without children can truly understand how glorious this picture is
And considering these boys almost never nap on the weekends 
it was like an early mother's day present

 gratuitous feet picture after 8 long miles
only the big sneakered feet ran the miles
the little pj'd did not

 My good friend had twins
This is baby 1 of 2
I am pretty sure it is....
oh I hope it is Aidan....

 she played so hard she passed out on the couch still filthy from the day

 Hooray for the ice cream truck!!

 Her first bowling trip
Every time she sent the ball down the little dino ramp
She happily declared

 Hooray for the first soft serve of the year

 And some sparklers 
Sparklers in our winter coats
But sparklers none the less
marking the coming of summer

"But I don't like the nebulizer!!"


  1. Cracking up at the rainbow cake, because all I could think of was, "YUM!"

    Yes, I completely understand the boys asleep in the car being a miracle! :)


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