Project 10: Week 1: Frustration

It has been one week since we started this project - the amazing support and inspiration from all these ladies blows me away.

And despite all that this past week has been full of frustration.

The past 7 days have been crazy to say the least, 2 tball games, 3 birthday parties, a shift at the little league concession stand, a night out (Give & Glam....WOOT!!), 2 hockey games, a spring program...I think thats it, besides the routine school, work, daycare routine.

So I let things slide, and slip, I ate with abandon on some days, and enjoyed it until I regretted it.  Dinners were not of the planned and healthy variety - in other words much take out pizza was enjoyed!!

Last week my theme seemed to be frustration - at myself mostly, for my own lack of self control....

But you know what?!  That's ok.

Over the years I have learned that getting fit, does not have to be an all or nothing endeavor, and that even if I stumble along the way a bit (or a lot with those 3 amazingly good but oh so bad for me chocolate chip cookies).  My friend Stephanie (organizer of Project 10) has a great post up this week about creating a lifestyle of fitness, and I know that making something a lifestyle not a diet, involves more than perfection, making it a lifestyle means that I will learn where I need to give a little, I will make some not so great decisions and learn how to keep from doing that again in the future.

So while week one I may have stumbled into a week of frustration, for week two I am deciding to make it a week of persistence, of constantly pushing through and moving forward.

I don't have measurements to share this week - in an effort to track my progress but limit my obsessing I have decided to hold off on weighing/measuring to every other week - focus on the good behavior and not the numbers.


  1. I love this post!! One of my words this year has been perseverance. I'm trying to model perseverance for my oldest son who takes after his mother and likes life's challenges to be easy to overcome. I can't wait to see how your lifestyle changes over the next weeks.

  2. That quote you posted is just perfect. I know we've all been dealing with some sort of frustration, but the important part is that we're not letting it get the best of us and we're moving ahead to reach our goals. Don't forget the good things you did over the week - I seem to remember you getting a run in :) Go you!

  3. That is a great quote! I am going to pin it. :)

  4. It is so hard when it is insanely busy! I keep hoping it will slow down sometime soon!

  5. I like the challenges quote. Helps keep the frustration in check. :) You've been busy!!!!

  6. I love the quote above. The part with overcoming is so true! Cant wait to see your journey!

  7. I fully understand your frustrations. I always have such great intentions, but it doesn't always work out with our crazy schedule. =( I am right there with ya!


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