Project 10: Week 3 Playing to My Weakness

I'm not weighing in this week - I won't have a chance to get to the gym to use the scale there and I don't want to disappoint or excite myself by using a different scale.....

This past week has been fairly decent, I still did not meal plan like I intended to, but I did make a point of sticking to foods I know are healthy and limiting my snacking.

I also started thinking about my weaknesses and what I allow to sidetrack or derail my attempts to lose weight and get fit.

The Weakness:  Sweets  - I seem to be completely unable to ignore the call of a piece of chocolate or a bite of cookie

The solution: Find allowable low cal or manageable treats to keep in the house for myself. Instead of torturing myself by trying to restict everything I enjoy I am finding things that I can fit in my day that will satisfy me.  A couple things so far have been plain greek yogurt with added honey, Special K 100 calorie crisps (they now have a chocolate version that is fantastic), and mini chocolate pumpkin cupcakes that I can bake and freeze (I'll share the recipe later in the week when I make another batch - easiest thing to make ever!!)

The Weakness: Skipping Breakfast I know this is one of the worst things I can do for myself - it leads to over eating later in the day, and feeling kind of lousy in general

The solution: I am still working on this one, I'm about 4 for 7 the last week, but my plan is to prepare breakfast foods that I enjoy ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or freezer in single serve size.  This way I can grab one and go - I always sit at my desk for 1/2 hour at the start of my day, checking email, catching up on training, etc, I could easily have my breakfast then especially if its already ready to go!  Right now I am planning to have fruit smooties (made with greek yogurt for protein) in the freezer, steal cut oats in single servings in the fridge, and possibly egg omelets prepared in muffin tins and kept in the fridge.

The Weakness: Working Out Anxiety I am very very fortunate to have a gym at work, a wonderful full service gym.  The classes are great (when I can get to them) but other than that I have a hard time going.  I get very self conscious when I'm at the gym, I know its silly but I feel like I'm being watched and can't get comfortable unless I have a work out buddy with me.

The solution: Find a workout buddy (I have a couple at work that motivate me to go and keep me from having panic attacks!) Find ways to workout at home.  This past Monday I was able to meet with Samantha from Running and Cupcakes, she is an up and coming personal trainer who has volunteered her services for the initial local group of Project 10 ladies.  She developed a wonderful upper body/abs routine for me that I can actually do in the comfort of my own home. I will run out this weekend and some hand weights, but other than that I already have everything I need.  It was so wonderfully effective that I was surprisingly (and pleasantly) still sore this morning!!  Next time we meet she is going to show me some lower body workouts that I can also do at home. No more gym anxiety to worry about.

The Weakness: Not enough water I don't drink nearly enough water.  I know I need to drink more but I never do.

The Solution: Water bottles, lots and lots of water bottles.  For some strange reason a straw and ice promotes water consumption for me!  I am going to stock up on some inexpensive water bottles so that I can ALWAYS have one with me.  Always.

What are your weaknesses? Do you have any tricks to overcome them? How do you prevent them from become excuses?

Project 10

And don't forget to check out the amazing Stephanie who started this project for us (click the button above) and all the other wonderful Project 10 participants.  If you want to join us, link up your Project 10 post.


  1. My weakness is snacking. Once I start, I don't stop. It's gross. I can't seem to find the solution yet, but I'm working realllly hard at curbing the many, many trips I take to the kitchen during the kids' naptime & after they're in bed.

  2. I have working-out anxiety too! A lot of it is due to my asthma but I also contracted whooping cough from a gym (six years ago now, and I ALWAYS washed the machines before and after) so I almost refuse to go. Neither of these can be an excuse for doing no exercise so I have to overcome that fear.

    I have this cup at work and make sure it is always full, the straw really DOES help with water consumption! http://begoodtopeople.com/shop/acrylic-cup-with-straw/

    Keep up the good work. You are one busy woman and I am inspired by your running stories.

  3. My working out right now consists of walks. Its something right?

  4. I love that you are naming your weaknesses and coming up with plans to overcome them. Breakfast is a problem for me too. I like to wake up a little before I eat and before I know it, it's time to eat lunch. I've been trying to keep boiled eggs in the fridge so I can just grab an egg and an apple for breakfast. It's not much but it fills me up until lunch.


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