Project 10:Week 2: Letting Go

I have discovered that, for me anyway, one of the most frustrating things about weight loss is that there is no perfect answer.  No one diet plan, meal plan that works for everyone, no magic wand that makes the weight slide off and the body suddenly looking like Jillian Michaels (ok kind of a random celeb, but I just did the Shred the other day and she really does have a kick ass body!!)

So this week I decided to let go. 

Let go, not give up.

I decided to pack away my My Fitness Pal app, put aside the meal planning guides and obsessively scribbled in notebooks and just relax.

I did my best to make healthy food choices and keep my body moving.  I opted to take the family to the park and run and play in lieu of the gym because its what makes me happy.

I let go of convention, and what I thought everyone else might think (seriously, I get stuck in my own brain worrying about this sometimes)

I let go of "dieting" and just lived for a week.  (a week that included fondue - not the best for the calorie content, but a wonderful date night for my hubby and I)

Needless to say Wednesday afternoon when I prepared to step on the scale and take my measurements I was anxious.  Fortunately I was also pleasantly surprised.

My weight was the same (*meh*) but I lost a total of 4 inches, a little over my entire body, not just from one place (which makes me happy).  So I'm calling this a win.

Now I feel good(-ish) about myself.  I still have a ways to go, but I feel good.  If I look back over the past 18 months (since Baby Girl was born) I am down over 20 pounds - that's something to be proud of. 

And now I am ready to dive back in again -  I have another 15-20 I would like to lose (give or take a few) and its time to step back into it.  Also motivating me is the fact that on Monday I officially start my 12 weeks of training to the next half marathon, and I am determined to finish uninjured this time, which means proper careful training.  (reading up on my injury I realized that more careful and dedicated training would have reduced the risk of this particular injury)

My Plan

  • I am putting together a plan for myself - I find that rules make a huge difference for me.  I am working with my nutritionist to put together a list of 5-10 breakfasts and 5-10 lunches that fall in the right calorie range that I can mix and match and feel good about every day.  Dinners will be a little more flexible as I have a family that I need to feed.  Fortunately our dinners tend to be very well balanced and involve as much fresh ingredients as possible. 
  • Weekly meal planning is going to start happening again.  Having the right ingredients on hand makes preparing dinner a much easier task.
  • Finding more time for exercise.  Right now I am slammed at work so while I do have the gym available to me there, I don't always have the free moment to use it.  I need to figure out ways to introduce exercise at home, and make the time to do it.  There are so many activities I can do with the kids (hiking, biking, etc) I need to take advantage of summer and of fitting fitness into our family time.
I think 3 steps are enough for now...once I have these three things down to habit, maybe I'll add more.

My Measurements


  1. Wow, a half marathon?! Go, you!

    Meal planning is sort of a pain, but it does help to keep pocket books and bodies healthier.

    I need to do a better job of that too.

  2. Good job! I'm focusing more on making lifestyle changes than the specific calories and exercises. I do need a little more discipline though. My husband's been home this week so it's been an odd week. Hoping to get a little more on track this next week.

  3. That's awesome. When I don't think or really make a conscious effort to be fit, I get to the point I'm at now. So I always have to be considering my choices and can't let go too much, which is annoying! ;)

    Playing with the kids is way more fun than any other work out. I think!


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