Beating the Rainy Day Blues - Mattel Style!!

Summer is a great time to get outside, run play, and exhaust small children to the point of near collapse so that mommy can have a glass of wine without worrying about little feet pitter-pattering out of bed.

But what is a mom to do when its too rainy (or in some areas of the country, far too hot) to safely play outside?!

Well this summer Mattel has come out with some great new toys to help keep away the rainy day blues, and my car loving boys were fortunate enough to have the chance to test out a couple of their newest Hot Wheels items.

Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare was the first toy we put to work and we all loved it.  Out of the box it was quick and easy to put together, had amazing quick flying car action and, my favorite part, required absolutely NO batteries!!  Tommy had a blast pitting his cars against each other to see which is the fastest.

The second toy we got to test out was the Wall Tracks Down Hill Flip Drop. This is one part of their large collection of wall track that can be linked together to create great off the ground fun!!

I have to be completely honest, this one was definitely not love at first sight for me (admittedly I did try setting this up post 8 mile run, pre shower, so I was a little stinky and cranky).  Out of the package you unfold the instructions and immediately find a great wall template that you can tape on the wall, flush with the floor to mount the tracks - an AMAZING idea for setting it up....however, they do not take into account those of us who only have open wall space above base board heating, also without guidelines for clearance on the sides of the template it makes it a little too easy to put it too close to a corner or door way.

 position #1 - no over baseboard heating but not enough wall space :(

After putting it up the first time I had to take it down, find new 3M Command Strips (fortunately I had some in a drawer) and start over.

Worth the effort to see the boys playing so well together!!

Much to my relief, once put together the track worked great and my boys LOVED every minute they got lining up their cars and letting each one take a turn.  The tracks did come off the brackets a little too easy, but fortunately they are also easy to pop back in and my boys were able to fix it themselves after I showed them how.

Mattel definitely helped my boys and I weather this particularly stormy weekend....and they are giving you a chance to beat the rainy day blues as well with some awesome toys from Mattel! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below to WIN either a Girls' Prize Pack or a Boys' Prize Pack! Make sure to visit the following sites from RI Digital Media Women (#RIDMW) as well to see their fantastic reviews of Mattel Products! And don't forget to check out Mattel on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Girl Prize Pack Includes: Barbie Dress & Design Studio ($21.99 APR), A Barbie Doll of the World ($29.95 APR) & Barbie I Can Be... Fashion Designer ($13.99 APR) 
Boys Prize Pack Includes: Matchbox Big Boots Fire Truck ($25.99 APR), Hot Wheels Wall Tracks ($24.99 APR) & Hot Wheels Ballistiks ($24.99 APR)

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  1. I remember playing matchbox with my brother. Seeing the pics of your boys made me smile :)

  2. I have wonderful "Mattel memories!"

  3. my boys love hot wheels!! they play with them all day.

  4. I can't wait to get my daughter her first Barbie!

  5. Wow have you seen these new Hot Wheels Ballistiks. They are very cool - they take after many of the newest toys that convert and allow you to do stunts.


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