Project 10: 30 Days

This past week I was talking with a friend at work, he is currently observing Ramadan.

I knew NOTHING about Ramadan, and very little about the Islamic faith in general.

So I asked questions, like my 6 year old son trying to understand the world around him.

I asked him what exactly it meant to observe Ramadan.

Put simply - for 30 days he is fasting during the day, from sun up to sun down he eats nothing.
But that's not all

His discipline and faith are tested, he is not to curse, speak ill of others, raise his voice in anger

For 30 days.

For a few minutes, as we stood in the lab he answered my questions and explained to me what it is about, I was amazed, and moved.

For his faith he gives up many of the things that he loves, for 30 days he makes sacrifices to help him understand how blessed he is in his life.  He re-centers himself - he told me that after Ramadan is over he feels calmer, more at peace, more connected.

So where am I going with all of this?

I was thinking - its amazing the changes we can make, what we can do in 30 days.  We all have it within ourselves to take 30 days and make them something special.

I decided to take part in the Paleo Shift - 30 days to introduce me to the Paleo way of living (I don't like calling it a diet - its not about a short term diet its about a way of feeding your body, a lifestyle).

For 30 days we are trying to eat in a new way, cutting some of the comfort foods we are so accustomed to.  I will be honest, I have not been sticking to the plan very well at all.  I'm trying and I'm thinking - for 30 days I can do this.

I have been given many tools (Katie sends us a wonderful etool kit at the start), there is a wonderful support group to help me along the way, keep me going when I need it, so now it is up to me - 2 1/2 more weeks I can do this.

And I will remember what Katie told me when I was having a particularly hard day

"One choice at a time, progress not perfection"

I don't have any stats to post this week - I have NO IDEA what I weight right now - if its more or less.  Maybe I'll weigh myself tomorrow.  I think I need to get a new scale for home....

So that's it for me for this week.  A little found inspiration in an unexpected place, and motivation from a friend who had no idea I needed it when I did.


  1. Liz, I think you're doing great! Regardless of your weight. Just the fact that you took the first step and decided to try Paleo. And? I had no idea what Ramadan was about either. So you've definitely informed me. :)

  2. I admire you... I have zero point zero percent self-control and Paleo would be fraught with cheating if it were me...! Good luck with it - wishing you the best!

  3. Ramaden is amazing to me. I love the quote "One choice at a time, progress not perfection." So true and something to remind myself of daily. You're doing a great job-- keep up the positive attitude-- that's the key to success in everything!!


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