Project 10 Week 6: Shifting into Success

ok....well I HOPE I am shifting into success anyway!!  Its been a couple weeks since I've posted about Project 10 (a couple weeks since I've posted about anything really)

As this project has moved on and I've struggled with self discipline and success I discovered that one thing I do well with is rules.  I like to have rules especially when dieting, I find it is almost easier when I am being told you can't eat that, but you can eat this, otherwise I find ways to make everything presented to me fit into my plan for the day and end up sabotaging my efforts.  So when Jodi from BlushMama's presented us with the opportunity to join Katie at  Paleo Pioneer for her 30 day Paleo Shift, I figured this might just be the structure I need.

In a nutshell the Paleo diet (also refered to as the Caveman Diet) works off the principle that the cavemen survived for thousands of years eating whole foods that were found or scavenged so why can't we (very very rough description - for more details of the diet check out Katie's blog).  Now, I don't agree 100% with the claims this diet makes or some of the rules that are within the diet, but I won't get into that.  What I do like about the diet is the focus on whole real foods, the idea of taking out the overly processed junk and excessive refined sugar. 

Katie has put together an amazing program for anyone who is interested in trying out the Paleo lifestyle (really it is more than just a diet it is learning a new way of eating), for 30 days she helps lead us through learning to eat Paleo.  There are weekly web meetings, a facebook community of other shifters supporting each other, daily inspirational emails, and an etoolkit complete with recipes and a start up guide.  All that she asks of us is that for 30 days we try.

So far for me its been interesting
Day 1 was laughable - I thought about the paleo shift, as I ate french toast with maple syrup and ice cream for dessert....because every good breakfast is followed up by dessert right?!
Day 2 was better - I steered clear of as much as I could, but did find myself giving into that last bit of ice cream in the freezer
Day 3 was really good - I planned lunch well, found a great vegetable soup option in the cafeteria at work for dinner (worked late in AC so soup was perfect)
Today is the start of Day 4 of the shift, I am determined to make it a good day! 

I am still working to embrace all the guidelines of this lifestyle - giving up the sugar in my coffee was easier than I thought it would be, giving up dairy is significantly harder (I've decided that will be the last thing to go).  I'm re-learning what to pack for lunch for work, and how to plan for the day. 

I'm very curious to see where this shift takes me - I'm excited about the focus on whole foods, I think that is never a bad thing I am hoping that some of that trickles down into the way my family eats, but I'm still not sure that I will embrace this as a life long lifestyle...but I guess only time can tell.

I will also need to figure out my pre-run meals as I get to the longer runs in my training plan (Half Marathon #2 is September 16th)

I don't have any stats to post from this week, but here are my measurements from last week - I figure week 5 of project 10 is my baseline for the Paleo shift.

Sorry for the long post....I guess I'm feeling a little wordy this morning....but still be sure to visit my fellow project 10 ladies, and feel free to join us and link up!! This is definitely a "the more the merrier" type of project!!


  1. I'm very impressed and proud of you girls who are doing this lifestyle shift. It sounds like you're ready to take the plunge and really get into it! Good luck, you can do it :)

  2. You are going to rock it!! I'm struggling a bit too, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one struggling to give up dairy! That'll be the last I give up for good I'm sure. But we'll both get there!! :)

  3. WoooHooo look at that shrinking waist!!! I know what you mean about needing rules - when nothing is left for interpretation it's easier to stay on track! Keep it up - looking forward to reading the progress from you ladies.

  4. Like you I need structure and rules. I was floundering along getting nowhere until I started using My Fitness Pal 2 weeks ago. It's made me more conscious of my choices and my calories. Now I just need to get the exercising thing to be a habit. I'm curious to see what you think of the Paleo diet at the end of the 30 days. I know I can't completely cut grains and dairy from our diet but I am trying to prepare us more whole foods.

  5. You guys can do it! I will be your Jiminey Cricket at work! lol


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