WW: First Day First Grade

I will be honest with you, last night I went on Pinterest, I looked for fun ways to mark Tommy's first day of first grade with a picture. Little signs, sayings, printables, but nothing got done.

Then came this morning, he got dressed, got ready and we went outside to take a picture

I brainstormed...
Where should we do it?
How should we do it?

I positioned him in front of the fence

Pointed the camera at him

And this is what he did.

I think this pretty much sums it up

How he approaches each day.

I think he'll be just fine!!

(**and just so you know, yes that energy does carry into school and he was The One who interrupted the principal at the all school assembly to let her know what he was thinking....that's my boy!!)


  1. Great picture!! I too, was a little lazy with our first day picture but your's is WAY better!

    1. Thanks Carrie, this picture is definitely all him!! I couldn't have even imagined asking him to do this!!

  2. That picture couldn't be any better! I love his energy and enthusiasm... and his apparently plastic legs a'la the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang puppet scene! :)

    Happy first day of first grade to Tommy!


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