Please Excuse

I've decided to go green today and recycle an old post.  I forgot about this one until I was reading my blog the other day (yes I read my own blog, I have fun doing it too) I feel like its perfect to capture where we are right now....

Please excuse if my home is a mess,

If you walk in the door and trip over a shoe
Or squish a cheerio underfoot.

Please ignore the dishes in the sink,
The laundry piled up,
The toys all over the floor.

I must admit, I am not sorry
Those things will be there tomorrow
I have more important things to do

The dishes won't fade {sadly}
The laundry won't wilt
But my babies are fleeting

You won't see me cleaning today
I am too busy playing
The chores can wait.

Little blue eyes look lovingly at me
A hand out stretched
"Play with me Mommy"

Little hands gripped tight to my legs
A babble a coo
wanting his mommy's arms

Can you blame me?
Who could clean?
How could I want to?

I want to remember these days
I want to look back and know that I drank in every moment
every tear
every laugh
every drool.
I want to know that I loved them fully
I want to know they feel loved daily.

So please excuse the mess in my house,
but don't expect me to clean,
my babies and I are playing.

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  1. And this is exactly why I kept B up late to play tonight. Bedtime be damned. xo

  2. This is beautiful Liz. I need to keep this post handy to serve as a reminder to myself. Their childhoods are so fleeting!

  3. I need this reminder. I often get too bothered with the mess. But you are so right, the mess will always be there!! As will my emails and FB and other social nonsense.

  4. I blogged and played kitchen with A instead of cleaning earlier. It was awesome!


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