100 Things You've Always Wanted To Know`

Well, maybe you didn't, but I'm going to tell you anway :)

  1. I am writing this while watching Project Runway
  2. If I was to "do it all over again" I would try to become a fashion designer, it was always my secret dream
  3. I used to love to draw clothing designs for my cabbage patch kids and their teddy bear siblings
  4. When I was little I collected cabbage patch dolls, I had 21 of them by the time I was done
  5. In addition to cabbage patch dolls I collected baseball cards
  6. I collected baseball cards until the baseball strike in 1990, I was 12 and even then was pissed that these men that made millions were complaining while my father took care of us on next to nothing and just kept working.
  7. Before the strike I told people I wanted to be the first female professional MLB player, I wanted to catch pitches from Roger Clemens (don't worry this was during his Red Sox days)
  8. I never took it well when people told me that I wouldn't be able to do things because I was a girl, I played every sport I could
  9. I still don't take it well when people tell me I can't do things
  10. I college I studied wildlife biology, I wanted to study big cats mostly (like lions, not fat house cats :)
  11. I helped run a training program in RI to prepare state employees in case of an oil spill and how to care for the oiled animals (mostly water fowl)
  12. Only a couple months after we held the training there was an oil spill in RI and I was involved in the clean up, including giving a goose a bath
  13. While working for RI Fish and Wildlife I learned how to corral, tag, and sex Canada geese
  14. It drives me crazy when people call them "Canadian" geese they are not geese from Canada (like a Canadian person) they are Canada geese, its a species name (common name)
  15. To that end pigeons are technically "rock doves" and seagulls are actually quite a few different species of gulls - but getting those wrong does bother me all that much at all.
  16. I gave up on wildlife when I realized what the reality of working in wildlife really was (think more park ranger and less Steve Irwin)
  17. I absolutely LOVE what I do now, as different as it is from what I studied (I'm currently a biochemist at a biotech company)
  18. I am easily distracted it explains why.........
  19. oh look a bug
  20. I used to collect dragonflies, like catch and preserve them
  21. While studying dragonflies (for fun...yes I'm a geek) I learned that Vladimir Nabakov (author of Lolita) extensively studied butterflies.  It gave me hope for being able to find my place but not have to fit into one little niche
  22. I've always loved to read, my husband used to joke that I didn't so much as read books as devoured them one after the next
  23. One of my favorite jobs in collect was working at the little local library - I discovered so many fun unheard of authors that way
  24. My housemates in college used to call my room the library, I had a wall of shelves just full of books that they were allowed to come and browse and borrow whenver they wanted
  25. Several years ago I discovered that much of my book collection was destroyed by basement mold while I was moving around a bit - I will admit, I cried.
  26. I would love to get a kindle, but fear that means I would never feel the weight of a book again or know that familiar smell of the ink on pages or hear the snap of the cover as I finish that last page
  27. I discovered Ernest Hemmingway when I was 14, I had picked up "The Sun Also Rises" at a flea market at a local church, and never looked back.  Since then I have ready almost everything he has ever written, including personal letters that were published in a large single volume anthology.
  28. A good book inspires me to look at my life in a different way or approach things from a new angle.
  29. Just like a good song
  30. Currently my favorite band is Vampire Weekend - I love their hip up beat sound
  31. I pretty much loathe most pop music, although I love to go dancing
  32. I still have a fairly large CD collection, like not wanting to trade in my books for a kindle, I just can't fathom not having my stacks of CDs  - almost 1/2 of my CDs are classic Jazz
  33. In college I discovered Billie Holiday, she sings to my soul. I can listen to her all day long
  34. While Billie Holiday inspires me to sit, think, examine, Ella Fitzgerald makes me jump, dance, sing, and often times clean!! (if you saw my house you would know why that needs exclamation points)
  35. I live with my mother in law
  36. Living with my mother in law is not at all as bad as some people would imagine, but makes for some great jokes!!
  37. I miss having my own home
  38. We live with my mother in law when we lost our house after I was unemployed for an extended period of time, we are blessed
  39. I try to count my blessing, even when its hard
  40. My father used to "make" me watch Polyanna with him over and over again when I was a kid, honestly I didn't mind it all that much, and the positive message I am grateful for.
  41. We used to watch all the fun, family funny Disney movies when I was a kid, I never cared that many of them were made long before I was even born (think Apple Dumpling Gang, Herby Love Bug, Pete's Dragon)
  42. I used to be obsessed with The Wizard of Oz - I still think its one of the best movies ever
  43. I love classic musicals and musical theater
  44. My brother and I used to pretend we were in musicals in our back yard during the summer when we were home with nothing to do - I fondly remember sitting in our favorite tree singing with each other
  45. I'm getting distracted by Abby Lee Dance Mom crazy mess of a show - I just don't get it - I watched a mother pick on someone else's 13 year old daughter and then laugh at her as she cried....I don't get it
  46. I just changed the channel
  47. I love the Big Bang Theory - I swear I work with the cast of that show (or at least the inspiration for that cast)
  48. I'm stumped....I think I need wine
  49. I hate cleaning but I love sweeping, I actually just swept my living room to help get my creative juices going again
  50. I hate clutter and excess, yet I live in a house that a hoarder would like - it is a huge source of stress for me
  51. I have three sweet adorable loving children, and I look forward to bedtime every night
  52. I love coming up with fun new nicknames for my kids, currently Olivia is "Bulldog" - cute, sloppy, and just bowls over little kids (including her brothers)
  53. We are going through a really rough period with Jack right now, it worries me
  54. I was very lonely as a child, never had a lot of close friends, I worry that my kids will be lonely too
  55. My mother is one of nine, my father in law is one of nine, I love the big loud holidays we have.
  56. I used to dream of having lots of kids so I would have that big family under my own roof, right now three kids does feel like a lot
  57. I love watching Criminal Minds, but hate the fact that it freaks the hell out of me and makes me not want to shut my lights off at night
  58. I worry about the writers on Criminal Minds, what exactly makes you think of these story lines?! And why is it always about sex?
  59. I used to have 17 piercings
  60. I still have 4 tattoos and would love to get a 5th very large one
  61. I have shaved my head - its therapuetic
  62. My head is surprisingly (and pleasantly, thankfully) almost perfectly round - no weird lumps on this noggin
  63. It has been a long long time since I've been comfortable in my own skin - I remember writing a post about it when Jack was almost 2, I haven't felt that way since I got pregnant with Olivia
  64. I have a true love hate relationship with running, and now that I don't have a race to train for I haven't run in almost 2 weeks - it doesn't help with the way I feel about myself
  65. I am very good at feeling like a victim or feeling forgotten - I try not to let it take over
  66. I have notoriously pathetic birthdays, never horrible or tragic, mostly just pitiable chicken pox on my 8th birthday, the flu on my 20th, mono on my 21st...those are just the most noteworthy
  67. I love road trips but haven't been on one in a long long time
  68. I have driven from RI-NC and back, NC-TN-RI-CA-RI-TN-NC in a little over three weeks, IN-RI-ME, and then several shorter trips around those locations.
  69. I've successfully written 68 things about myself and now all I can think of is inappropriate and non-family friendly jokes
  70. I love to travel, I strongly believe there is so much in this world worth seeing, even some of the places that you would probably never think of visiting (like Kansas City, fell in love with that city unexpectedly!!)
  71. One of my favorite memories of my first trip to Dublin Ireland was hearing a techno version of John Denver's Country Roads 
  72. I once chased Brandon Fraiser through an airport (ok more like stalked, he never realized I was there)
  73. I love being a mother
  74. I love to bake
  75. I love to sew
  76. I really want to learn how to take better pictures. I used to take decent pictures but now that I have a nice camera I can't figure out what the heck I am doing
  77. I miss walking around with my camera and just photographing what moves me.
  78. I like to try everything that I can, but have yet to really grasp and really find something to embrace and be passionate about
  79. I love to learn, and get excited whenever someone wants to teach me how to do something new
  80. I get bored really easily and move on from things quickly part of the reason I've never really become an expert on anything
  81. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up
  82. Sometimes I think I want to write a book
  83. I've always enjoyed writing - I have a box full of journals that I started when I was about 8 years old, blogging just seems right for me
  84. I highly censor myself when I blog, sometimes I wish I was annonymous so I could say what I actually thought without fear of being attacked
  85. I worry far too much what people think of me, and don't like to upset anyone
  86. The baby is crying, I don't think she feels well, so now she is on my chest while I type
  87. I like camping, but I've decided that I like hot showers and warm beds more
  88. I got in my first car accident when leaving school early my senior year of High School, my entire English class saw it happen
  89. I never went to a prom
  90. My husband is the first person I ever dated for more than 3 months, I'm always glad I never wasted time on the other guys
  91. Not only do I live with my Mother in law, she was also on my honeymoon (really is my life a sitcom?)
  92. My honeymoon also happened to be my husband's cousin's wedding, so there was a lot of family there, which explains the in laws being there, but does make it significantly less funny.
  93. I like to laugh and I really enjoy making other people laugh, it often leads to me making jokes at really inappropriate times, another trait I get from my father
  94. In middle school and a good part of high school I lived mostly with my father and brother in a one bedroom apartment - I don't think I ever really appreciated what it was like for him until recently.
  95. I love Gary Sinise
  96. When I was a Freshman in High School we were supposed to read Of Mice and Men, a family from my church thought it was inappropriate and got us all excused from reading it if our parents objected.  I read it anyway, but was more than happy to skip the work.
  97. I used to love to watch wrestling wayyyyy back in the day when it was still the WWF. Holla if you know who Mean Gene is!! 
  98. Every night my husband and I watch BBC's Top Gear on Netflix, I'm starting to love cars
  99. I used to love running track and was remarkably fast, I broke records at the school in practice, but without fail choked in track meets, I just don't compete well.
  100. I am proud that I made it to 100 items, it was a fun exercise seeing where one thought would bring me to the next, frighteningly this is very much how my mind works and if you find me starting at a random thought know it came in a very logical way, to me, in my head, from a seemingly unrelated previous thought.

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  1. We have a LOT in common. Seriously, a lot. Reading, music, musicals, making people laugh, inappropriate jokes, Mean Gene!, debating kindles, feeling lonely as a kid...yep. We have a lot in common. :)

  2. 17 piercings?? Where may I ask??? =) GREAT list!!! Love your love of books!!!

    1. I'll just say they were all belly button and up, the rest I'll leave up to your imagination :)

  3. I LOVED reading this. I feel like I know you so much better now. I can relate to and appreciate a lot of this and I love the fact that you embrace living with your MIL and I can't believe you had 17 piercings! Wow. It's clear that you are a thoughtful, intelligent, soulful woman and I'm happy to know you!

    1. Awww....Jen I am so happy I've met you this past year as well!! I love what these lists did for me (a wonderful exercising in letting my mind wander where it will) and getting to know my other Rhody bloggers better!!!

  4. Love the Cabbage Patch one. Believe it or not, I never had a "real" one! My mom thought they were too expensive (they probably were!) so I had a knock off! :-)

    1. Cabbage Patch Kids were the one toy that my parents went all out on for me - when they first came out my parents actually went to Toys R Us and ordered a special one for me that had brown hair and blue eyes just like me (her name was Kathy Sue).

  5. I also had a ton of Cabbage Patch Dolls too! Love the old Disney movies & question the writers of Criminal Minds...after I had my kids I couldn't watch it anymore. Great list Liz! I enjoyed reading everything!! Some I already knew, but quite a few I didn't!! ;)

    1. Yeah - a lot of these I told you in the parking lot of Bon I think (we need to do that again soon - Bon not the parking lot!!) My Cabbage Patch kids were my children, I even "sent" them to school before I left for school each morning.

  6. Liz, I have always felt like you and I are so similar and this list confirms it!! I'm so glad we're friends :)

    1. I definitely think you and I have a lot in common :) I still need to head over and read your list!!

  7. This is the kind of post that makes me miss blogging. :-)

    1. Awww...this is the kind of post I just really enjoy writing!! Have you given it up all together - it is so hard and time consuming sometimes, but I really like the therapy it gives me!!

  8. I loved learning more about you :) I used to have a great book collection until I married the exact opposite of a hoarder who wants to throw everything away :(

    1. Oh how I miss my books, although I think I miss having the time to read even more than I miss my books!!

  9. Wow! This is such a cool post. I am so inspired to write one just like it. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Do it!! It was so fun and a wonderful writing exercise!!

  10. We have so much in common reading this post! I knew that is why I liked you:)

    1. LOL :) Its amazing when you read a list like this how much you can learn about someone!!

  11. I wrote a lot of mine during Project Runway too, oh and HOLLA!!!

    1. Sweet!! Project Runway and Mean Gene, important for every modern woman no doubt!!

  12. liz your list is great! the whole mlb thing? and being told what girls can't do? so me. wow! as a kid i would totally have been jealous of your cabbage patch collection. i had 2. lol

  13. OMG! I fell in love with Billie Holiday in college too. I picked up a CD because I wanted to broaden my taste in music since I was a college woman then =) I love to listen to her with some incense burning and lie around. And dragonflies? I need you to teach my daughters & I to do that! I think they're absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm going to admit I have to stop reading and come back later. I want to comment on all of these!

  14. I loved WWF when I was younger! lol I miss my cabage patch kids too. I still have one left from when I was young, but my dad threw out the box with them and my barbie dolls in it. :( I miss reading. i used to read so much before I had kids. I guess I spend that time blogging or doing other things now. I read on my trip to IN this weekend and it was awesome!


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