Thankful Thursday

My amazing fellow Rhody Blogger Joanna has started this wonderful link up, I think it does us all good to stop for a moment and think about all we have to be grateful for.

The past couple weeks have been tiring, but I am blessed.

Here's what I am thankful for this week:

  • I have amazing friends called Rhody Bloggers who are willing to craft and party with me even though I have cooties
  • My 12 hour workday today means that I have a job, and one that I {mostly} enjoy, and one that lets me pick up overtime so that I can pay for school for my husband and son
  • My son goes to a wonderful little private school that is as much of a community as it is a school
  • My mulled cider candle smells wonderful and fallish
  • Dan has been home every night this week (other than a short hockey game late last night) and will be home most nights from now on
  • Jack LOVES his new school, and especially his new best friend, who is also a Jack
  • Olivia has finally started saying Tommy's name - granted it sounds like "Tonny" but we'll take it
  • All three kids are currently, quietly in bed
What are you thankful for this week - take a moment, write it out, you won't be sorry....then link up over at Joanna's place - I promise you'll love her, she is awesome!!


  1. Craft night was fantastic! Sorry you had to leave early. :( I really need to get some fall candles going... that sounds lovely. I also love Averi's little school community--it makes things so nice.

    1. Jen, My favorite fall candle is the Mulled Cider from Walmart - they are incredibly inexpensive and smell AMAZING!! As soon as we hit September I start lighting them, one candle in the kitchen makes almost the whole house smell great!!

  2. Ooooh that candle sounds amazing!!! I had a blast at craft night, and cannot wait for the next one! xoxo

  3. I love your list. It's really important to think about everything that's going well.

  4. You're so sweet, even with the cooties ;) Seriously though, thanks for the positive attitude-- we have so much to be grateful for! I can't wait for our next Rhody Blogger craft night! xo


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