Toy Review: Roxx Nation Fun!!

Having two boys who are 20 months apart means that I often find myself searching for toys that will entertain both of them with little fighting (or at least as little fighting as possible).  Right now we are in that odd transition period, where one is becoming a big school-aged kid (6 year's old and in 1st grade) while the other is still navigating his way through pre-school (4 years old), they are so close in age, but currently so far apart.

When Imperial Toys sent me their Roxx toys to review I wasn't sure how it would go or who it would entertain more - I was thrilled to discover that these are great toys for both my boys, and that with all the different options and accessories.

 We were fortunate enough to be able to review the Roxx Stadium, Roxx Skullz and an extra Roxx power pack.

The ROXX™ TRIXX Stadium includes an amazingly designed Hologram Stadium, 1 bounced pad, 1 pop-in target cup, 2 Ramps, 1 3-in-1 Stand, 10 exclusive TRIXX Stadium ROXX, and 10 unique TRIXX Stadium Cards featuring awesome ROXX TRIXX with varying degrees of difficulty!

The ROXX Skullzz Game includes a Skullzzz Play Mat (36’’ x 36’’), 3 different colored target cups, 6 exclusive Skullzz Game ROXX, and 12 unique TRIXX Cards featuring  ROXX TRIXX with varying degrees of difficulty!

 The boys challenged each other to with different Roxx and Trixx 
using the ramps and cups that come with the Skullz Pack

Jack trying to make up his own tricks and games.

Tommy loves that the Roxx are collectible and has now marked off on the list each one we have 
and which ones he wants next.

I can't say enough good things about these toys I love that they let the boys have a structured game to play as well as come up with their own stunts, tricks, and games.  Since we've received them they have been played with almost daily, and fortunately, much to my joy, are much less painful to step on then a Lego!! 


  1. My son needs more "boy" games and toys. They poor thing is surrounded by girl toys. That looks fun.

  2. Those look like fun!!!! Adding to my holiday list, thank you!

  3. That looks like a blast!!! My nephew would love those toys for Christmas!


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