A Little Quoting and A Lot of Thanks

It is November first, and it has been a long, not so fun start to this month of thanks and daily blog posting.

But I've found some perspective, pulled my head out of my bum, and lightened a bit.

I found this so many years ago in a brilliant fortune cookie:

"Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life"

I embrace these words, even if I don't always live them.
There isn't much I have to say about this
There is no elaboration
Just this
If I want to live a happy life, I must set my intentions to do so

What better way to set out
to focus my mind
than to give thanks

And I have so much tonight to be thankful for

1. the job that drives mad a times provides for my family so that I can send both my husband and my son to good schools

2. the accident I was in tonight was little more than an annoyance, and a reason to tap into the good drugs in the medicine cabinet (I'm old and sore)

3. My amazing (and currently snoring) husband is willing to rub my sore and achy feet after the self inflicted pain of high high high heels

4.  My beautiful energetic children may fight bed, they fight it because they are happy and healthy and just want to play, with me!!

5. My amazing friends lend a sympathetic ear, and still remind me to move on from the pity and be grateful, and encourage me to write it out.

6. Despite a Superstorm that ravaged so much of the East Coast, and caused part of my neighborhood to be evacuated, I am safe, and dry, and have not had a moment of lost power or spoiled food.

I could go on for days, ever little detail of my life, every little cloud, finding a reason to give thanks.

But now, as I have little more than 30 minutes before I miss day one of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and Thankful Thursday I will say goodnight.