Free For All Friday: RI Beaches

My fellow Rhody Bloggers and I decided to set aside today to share our favorite beach memories.

I love my little state, and I love our little bits of heaven squeezed in every where they can be. One of my favorite beaches we just call the baby beach, it has no amenities, no lifeguards and no waves, in short there is nothing fancy about this little patch of sand and rock at all.

 But we love it - you can walk out 10-15 feet and still just be waist deep, the kids are hardly every further than arms length away, its free to park and it is almost always mostly just other families with other young kids there with you.

There is always some treasure to find  in the water and among the rocks

Every time we go we have a wonderful time, whether we stay for the day or just for a couple hours (which is more likely for us)

This is just one little beach in a state full of them - be sure to check out the other lovely ladies of Rhode Island and their favorite beach moments.