Hexbugs Warriors: Review

Earlier this month my boys and I had the opportunity to review the great new HEXBUG® Warriors Battling Robots and we all LOVED them!!  We were already big fans of the original Hexbugs so I knew before they even arrived that we would have fun with these!!

Warriors are the battling robots that you customize for competition! These battery powered robots have intelligent battle sensors inside that register damage as the fight rages on. Each HEXBUG Warrior comes with configurable armor and weapons that when collected with other Warriors can be changed into hundreds of combinations. With four teams to choose from and over twenty Warriors to collect the possibilities are endless!

The boys had fun battling their bugs, and swapping out the weapons on each one.  The fun part of the Hexbug Warriors is that you can watch them battle and see as they lose their energy as their little lights go from green to orange to red.

We received the Battle Arena, which comes with the arena as well as two bugs to battle, and I fully intend on getting them the larger Battle Stadium for Christmas along with a couple more Hexbug Warriors.  One thing I really love about these sets is that they are expandable and the boys can use the pieces from their Arena and build onto the Stadium.

The HEXBUG Warriors line are available to buy now online here or at stores like Target.

Disclaimer:  I received the HEXBUG Warriors Battle Arena with two HEXBUG Warriors Battle Robots free for my review, all opinions are my own.