Saturday's Top Five Laughs

Recently I won tickets to go see "Elf" at our local theater (the play not the movie), we are headed to see it tomorrow night with the boys.

This sparked the always fun discussion of places where Jack has slept....so in honor of our family night out and as a little chuckle for me today I give to you the

Top Five Places Jack Has Fallen Asleep

5. The dinner table - I guess my dinner was not exciting enough for his highly refined palet (a true insult considering this is also the child who eats frozen waffles....still frozen)

4.  The Audobon Society - it was raptor weekend - the event of the year at one of our favorite family outing locations - there were big birds, owls flying, games, crafts, and a sleeping 4 year old in my arms

3.  Gazillion Bubbles show - this was a live performance iwth at bubble artist - seriously....it was ok - thankfully the tickets were a gift from a friend, Jack slept for a good half hour

2.  Disney on Ice - what's more exciting than Mickey and Minnie on skates?  a nap.

1.  The circus...who falls alseep at the circus?!  Jack does

Honorable Mention: The couch - not so funny, unless you consider he was eating a popsicle at the time and every time he started to doze off he would smack himself in the face with said popsicle.