Thankful Thursday

It's a post of thanks for a day of thanks in this month of thanks.

In no particular order I am thankful for....

~ friends who let me watch them shop while I chatter away and buy nothing at fun events like the Nordstrom Rack sneak peak last night. (And who forgive me for laughing at their pajama selections)

~ Family who step up and help out on snowy days when I need them

~ A wonderful home daycare for my little two, where I never doubt that they are well loved and being cared for as I want. To have someone who I trust completely with these two precious lives.

~ A sweet and sensitive first grader who tears up at the thought of Mommy not being at a school event, and also at the happy end of Nanny McPhee.

~ That I have an amazing range of friends, from all walks, religions, etc who respect me and who I respect, such that we can see past any different opinions we may have and enjoy each other for the beautiful people we all are.

~ Friends that indulge me (and dare I say understand me) as I get all fired up offline about something silly someone else posted online, and then laugh it off with me.

~ My warm down comforter and hot cup of tea on the first icky snowy night of the winter.