Joy to the World

December has to be one of my favorite months of the year.  While I'm not really a fan of the cold, I do love the beauty of fresh snow and the novelty of it in early winter (don't ask me how I feel about it in March!!).  I've always looked forward to the special time of rest between Christmas and New Years, when you start winding down, go to the last few parties, and ring out the year and welcome the new beginning that the new year brings with it. 

But mostly I love this season of joy.  Where we celebrate the life and birth of Christ, the hope he brought to all of us.  A season (if you look past the materialistic side of things) where we find joy in being with our loved ones, in decorating trees, and houses, and mantles.  A season of hot chocolate and cookie baking, of Chalie Brown and even the Grinch.

This year I am going to make sure that I really find and embrace the Joy of the season.  Last month was a month for giving thanks, a time to feel grateful for what blessing we have.  I am challenging myself to make this month a month of Joy, to not just give thanks for my blessing but to find joy in them.  And even find a way to give Joy to others.  

I am challenging myself to every single morning start my day with a song and a heart of joy, even on the bad days, on the wrong-side-of-the-bed-my-kids-didn't-sleep-days, I am challenging myself to find J.O.Y.


Will you join me in this challenge?  Will you find Joy with me this season?

{this is not an assignment or a task mind you, there is no requirement or request to post, blog, tweet, or Facebook daily, unless you want to}

And if this sounds a bit familiar, this is a theme that runs through my life frequently see my Seek Joy from earlier this year :)