The Great Staycation

Last week we had some time off of work and school and had the chance to hang out as a family.

It was supposed to be relaxing...but we forgot that carting 3 kiddies around on excursion after excursion (including Red Robin) isn't really all that relaxing...

And trying to buy new hockey skates with said kids, not too easy either....

But locking the two littlest ones in the mini-van (with Mom of course) provides for some cute bonding moments...

Trying out those new skates with my guys was a great source of exercise and laughter...

And the 1/2 mile hike to see the seals that stretched on for 2 1/2 miles was worth it, even if we could hardly see much more than the rocks moving in the distance...

See those rocks way out there?
See the seals on them?
yeah...neither could we.
(until the kind family near us let us use their binoculars)

And 7 hours spent at the Museum of Science (without the littlest one) was not at all restful, but exciting and amazing...

I am still a bit tired, but that comes with the job.
And looking back - we embraced, and enjoyed every moment that we could
and cherished what is currently a very very rare moment for us.


Inspire Me

Motivate me, encourage me....something....

At this point I'll even take a swift kick in the backside....

Lately my blog has been full of pictures and fluff (true content few and far between)...

I want to write, I love to write....but man am I having a hard time doing it, like I've gone two dimensional and have nothing to say.

So please...help a friend, fellow blogger out.  What do you do when you hit writers block? When its been so long that you feel that nothing will break that wall? 

Is there a favorite Meme you turn to?  And old picture you share? A favorite topic you has out again?

any thoughts, suggestions, advice?


Menu Plan Monday

yeah...its Sunday...but Menu Plan Monday just has a better ring to it.

SundayBeer Braised Beef with Scallop potatoes, and  roasted Brussels sprouts

Monday: Parmesan crusted pork chops, roasted cauliflower, cous cous

Tuesday:  Crock pot Roast Chicken w/biscuits and steamed broccoli

Wednesday: chicken carbonara healthy style (skipping the MSF chicken and using left over chicken from Tuesday)

Thursday: Lamb Chops (this was planned last week but never made), corn, basmati rice

Fridaychicken pot pie (using left overs from Tuesday) this has become a favorite pot pie recipe - the flavor from the wine and mushrooms is amazing and makes it feel more like something new and less like the leftovers from the other day.

Saturday:  Bowling Party w/Tommy - Jack special night w/Daddy

Most of my recipes are from Food Network - we get the magazine and love most of what we try from it - I think there has only been 1 recipe we truly didn't like, and only 1 or 2 that were "meh", most of them are great - and they have EVERYTHING online.  I'll also be trying a new recipe from a local blogger that I've connected with recently - be sure to check out Girl Gone Healthy for some great recipes, tips, and reviews for healthy living!!


WW: February Phone Photos

From blocks to cupcakes to volcanoes made with baking soda and vinegar, February has been a fun month, most of of documented on my phone!!

Valentine's cupcakes for Tommy's class

 Watching a homemade volcano erupt

 enjoying the unseasonable warm
 A lovely day at the zoo

 Amazing roast chicken dinner

 Daddy keeps all the kids' initials with him in the car


Menu Plan Monday: 2/120/12

Planning out our weekly meals makes such a big difference in what we eat every week. We definitely eat healthier, more diverse meals, and at an earlier hour when I have it all planned.

Sun: Roasted Chicken, Cauliflower with almonds, Roasted potatoes & onions, tomato & cucumber salad

Mon: Cod with Roasted salsa, steamed broccoli, couscous

Tue: Slow cooker steak fajitas

Wed: Chicken Sausage rigatoni in pink vodka sauce

Thu: Lamb chops, baby spinach salad w/cukes and tomotoes

Fri: Out with the family all day (Boston Museum of Science WOO!!) - eating out!!

Sat:  Crispy Chicken Drumstick, roasted brussel sprouts, quinoa pilaf

I will admit this week's plan is a little more involved than most weeks, but both hubby and T don't have school this week so I will have more help at dinner time and no home work to worry about. 


Not What I Planned

I was never sure I wanted kids

I never dreamed of my big wedding

I wanted to hike and travel

I wanted to see the world on my terms and in my time

but that all changed

I don't know when and I don't know why

but its all different now.

Life today is not at all what I planned

If you asked me 15 years ago where I'd be in my 30's

This wasn't it

It wasn't a cubicle, it wasn't suburbia

I was going to be an adventurer

Not a mad scientist

But somewhere along the road

I was faced with a decision:

 travel, study, adventure

or love

(oh lord that sounds so sappy and contrived)

So today, the day after Valentine's Day

I think about what got me to where I am

I think about what I'm not doing

And I still go forward with NO regrets.

The emails from the local theater,

the latest tickets to the latest shows,

the amazing deals to exotic destinations,

go unanswered.

I plan my weekends around the zoo, the playground,

the multitude of birthday parties we are invited to.

I have learned that dreams and desires are not set in stone

They don't have to be abandoned or forgotten

They can be changed and cherished still.

I am the same person I was

A little older

A little wiser (I hope)

With a few extra pounds and a few extra wrinkles

And with a whole new set of dreams

Living a life I never planned

Because maybe I never dreamed big enough.


Down The Rabbit Hole

This past weekend, a bit late of course, we celebrated the very merry unbirthday of our dear sweet Livvy-Lu.

Weeks of planning

creating the invite (original design that I recreated for my own use here)

rolling little paper flowers late into the  night

sewing one of the cutest little outfits I've ever made

it all came together wonderfully.

But the party?

The actual festivities?

Those were made perfect by all the family and friends gathered there.

Every single person who came out to celebrate our precious baby girl,

Every child who laughed and giggled,

colored and played,

and enjoyed this special day,

No pretty handmade decoration can take the place

of the joy and love that we felt that day.

Happy Birthday (a little late of course)

To my sweet and beautiful baby girl

Know that you are loved

And a special thank you to Kameron for all these amazing pictures!!


WW: Who....

Who has two thumbs

And is growing up WAY too quickly?