What I Want You To Know

To my dear sweet children,

I apologize now, the title of my letter may not be all that original, maybe it is, I feel like its not. 

There are certain things that I have learned in my 35 years of life, hopefully I have a lot more to learn and as much as I can, for as long as I can I will do my best to share it all with you. 

I know there will be times where you won't want to listen to me - I know there will be times where I will be *Mo-om* that you sigh with an eye-roll (I pray that these moments are few and far between, but with three kids set to be teenagers all at the same time I know the odds aren't in my favor).  There is so much that I want to be sure you know I just hope you will someday read these letters to you.  (yes there will be more than one....some day you will be old like me, maybe with kids of your own, and you'll understand)

First - please remember, in all things, be kind.  No matter what be kind, you will never regret being kind, saying a kind word, sharing a smile, showing compassion.  Trust me, there will be moments where this will be hard, very very hard.  People aren't always nice, sometimes they can be down right mean, but no matter how mean they are you will not feel better being mean back, no one wins in these circumstances.  Sometimes the person who we think deserves our hearts the least need it the most.

Second know the difference between being kind, and being a push over.  Being kind does not mean you will just blankly agree to everything anyone says and do anything anyone asks.  Being kind means opening dialogue when you disagree and accepting the fact that everyone deserves their opinion.  Being kind means knowing how to say no with grace, its winning without pride, and losing with dignity.

A smile can go a long long way.  Sometimes on our hardest days its easy to find fault in everyone around us, to be inpatient with each other. In these moments, when all you want to do is yell at the cashier who seems to be doing nothing but taking their time, dig down deep and smile.  Remember they might be having a day just as bad as yours, a simple smile might be all they need to turn things around, even just for a brief moment.  And you may be surprised with the result, maybe seeing a smile in return.

So that's it for tonight - three simple little rules for life (rules I swear I struggle with daily).  I promise there will be more letters like this.

I love you my babies

And yes no matter how old you are or how much taller than me you become, you will always be my babies.