Blogging life as a full time work out of the house mother, supporting my student, stay at home husband, raising three kids, crafting, cooking, running, sewing, and trying to learn how to juggle it all.

Mother of three, scientist by day, crafter by night. I sew, knit, cook, crochet, read, write and currently use Pinterest as my excuse to get none of it done. I am proud of my amateur-amatuer photographer status (I'm working hard to find my way up to amateur), and my ability to carry a child on a hip, another on my back and still push the shopping cart ever forward. My life is not perfect, it often is not calm, but I wouldn't change it for anything. 
Our first born. Sensitive sweet and social, he loves to meet new people and make new friends. Tommy may look like his daddy, but he is Mommy's little clone. He doesn't miss a thing, notices every detail, and questions everything.

Baby boy, my littlest guy. He may be small but he is tough, the strong and silent type. Jack is my little snuggle bug, he would prefer to be carried by mommy and loves to cozy up to her early in the morning.

Olivia The baby girl, the princess. From day one she had us all wrapped around her little fingers. But don't mistake her diva status with weakness, this tough little girlie is determined to keep up with her brothers and can take every tough hug and affectionate tumble they deliver.